Standard Adhesive Tape

Item No.: LU-4WBN/ US12KW
Compatible Label Tape Replacement for LK-4WBN LC-4WBN LC 4WBN9 SS12KW 12mm Cartridge for Epson LabelWorks LW-300 LW-400 LW-500 LW-600P LW-700 Label Maker, Black on White
1、Models Available:

2、Compatible with EPSON / KINGJIM Printer :

for Epson King Jim C410 LW-400 LW-400L LW-K400L LW-K400VP LW-600P LW-500 LW-900P LW-700 LW-1000P LW-Z700FK LW-Z900FK OK200 OK300 OK500P OK720 OK900P
for Epson King Jim TepraPro SR-RK1 SR-RK2 SR-PBW1 SR-PDP1 SR-GL1 SR30 SR40 SR40-B SR45 PRO SR51 SR50 SR52 SR55 SR130 SR150 SR180
for Epson King Jim JimTepraPro SR210 SR220 SR230C SR250 SR300 SR300RK SR300TF SR330 SR313 SR323 SR333 SR3500P SR3700P SR3900C SR3900P SR404 SR510 SR515 SR530 SR520 SR520X SR535 SR530C SR550 SR5500P SR5900P
for Epson King Jim TepraPro SR600 SR606 SR616 SR626 SR636 SR670 SR6700D SR610X SR707 SR710 SR717 SR720 SR737 SR750 SR818 SR828 SR900 SR910 SR920 SR930 SR950 SR970




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