Iron-On Fabric Tape

Item No.: SF12K / LC-4WBQ
Fabric Iron-on label tape
9~12~18mm*8M available
100% compatible with KingJim/Epson Printer
1、Models Available:

2、Compatible with Epson / King Jim Printers:

Epson LabelWorks LW-300, LW-1000P, LW-300L, LW-400, LW-400L, LW-500, LW-600P, LW-700, LW-900P, LW-C410, LW-K400L, LW-K400VP, LW-Z700FK, LW-Z900FK, OK200, OK300, OK500P, OK720, OK900P LW-300, LW-K400, LW-Z710, LW-1000P, LW-PX300, LW-PX350, LW-PX400, LW-PX700, LW-PX750, LW-PX800, LW-PX900

King Jim Tepra Pro SR-RK1, SR130, SR150, SR180, SR210, SR220, SR230C, SR250, SR30, SR300, SR300RK, SR300TF, SR313, SR323, SR330, SR333, SR3500P, SR3700P, SR3900C, SR3900P, SR40, SR404, SR40-B, SR45 PRO, SR50, SR51, SR510, SR515, SR52, SR520, SR520X, SR530, SR530C, SR535, SR55, SR550, SR5500P, SR5900P, SR600, SR606, SR610X, SR616, SR626, SR636, SR670, SR6700D, SR707, SR710, SR717, SR720, SR737, SR750, SR818, SR828, SR900, SR910, SR920, SR930, SR950, SR970, SR-GL1, SR-PBW1, SR-PDP1, SR-R170V, SR-RK1, SR-RK2