Fluorescent Tape

Item No.: UK12Y / LU-4YBF
- Fluorescent Tapes Compatible with EPSON/KINGJIM
- Fluorescent Yellow / Pink / Green / Orange
- 5M length and 12/18mm width
1、Models Available:

2、Compatible for  Epson / King Jim Label Printer:

✦ Epson LabelWorks LW-300 LW-300L  LW-C410 LW-400 LW-400L LW-K400L LW-K400VP LW-600P LW-500 LW-900P LW-700 LW-1000P LW-Z700FK LW-Z900FK OK200 OK300 OK500P OK720 OK900P

✦ Epson King JimTepraPro SR-RK1 SR-RK2 SR-PBW1 SR-PDP1 SR-GL1 SR30 SR40 SR40-B SR45 PRO SR51 SR50 SR52 SR55 SR130 SR150 SR180
✦ Epson King JimTepraPro SR210 SR220 SR230C SR250 SR300 SR300RK SR300TF SR330 SR313 SR323 SR333 SR3500P SR3700P SR3900C SR3900P SR404 SR510 SR515 SR530 SR520 SR520X SR535 SR530C SR550 SR5500P SR5900P
✦ Epson King JimTepraPro SR600 SR606 SR616 SR626 SR636 SR670 SR6700D SR610X SR707 SR710 SR717 SR720 SR737 SR750 SR818 SR828 SR900 SR910 SR920 SR930 SR950 SR970



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