12.7mm Vinyl Label for BMP21 / BMP21-PLUS Printer

Item No.: BD-Vi-21P-500 replace M21-500-595
12.7mm Vinyl Label for Indoor and outdoor usage
Designed for BMP21,BMP21-PLUS,BMP21-LAB,IDPAL and LABPAL Label Printers
Compatible Label Tape Replace M21-500-595 Cartridge with Ribbon

      Water Resistant, PV Resistant, Temperature Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Fade Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Strong Adhesion, Easy Removable, No Adhesive Residue

 - For indoor and outdoor  usage
     - Widely used in industry, factory, laboratory, office, etc.
     - Best for general-purpose marking of laboratory items, equipment panels, and faceplates
     - Strong Adhesion allows the label tape stick well in the environment with high heat, cold, oil and dust.

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